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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Importance of food in your weight loss goals


Its been a while since I last updated thsi blog, I recently started a new business venture however my fitness and health perspective on life remains as vibrant as ever !!

As a result I have recently only been able to embark upon the gym twice a week and during thsi time I have focussed solely on Cardio. Two five mile runs a week for the past 4 weeks have seen things come into shape a bit and I am now looking to get back into the weights side of things.

Since I have neglected the gym (to an extent) I have realised the importance of a good diet to realise your goals, whatever they may be. I have made it an important part of daily routine to ensure what goes into my mouth is all good and now that I have stuck to this for a few weeks, it really does get easier. Dont get me wrong, I still crave some mad shit like Pizzas but a cheat day here and there (no more than twice a month) keeps it real and makes you even more detemrined the day after.

Porridge/ Oats are a mainstay of daily diet. Breakfast and lunch comprise mainly of this. Dinner is complete with home made food, Curry and Chapati and a bit of salad if im feeling adventurous !

I havent weighed myself as of yet and that picture I promised oh so long ago will be up shortly (I jus need to get my sideys sorted hahah) but keep posted and it will be up in no time

Big thank you to all my twitter followers too. You guys have kept the hit rates up, respect !

Peace x

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