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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Home Weight Loss Circuit for solid core and abs

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Weight-loss home circuit
Front room gym

This intense circuit will deliver explosive strength fast and burn fat – all in the comfort of your own home.

Home gains
How it works
There are plenty of advantages to working out at home rather than at the gym. You can do it whenever you've got the time, you can blast out your own music and there are no sweaty blokes with personal hygiene issues.

You might not have a full set of free weights and machines, but this shouldn't stop you. There's a vast array of bodyweight exercises – such as the ones selected for this circuit – that will keep your workouts interesting. Meanwhile, the pyramid reps will keep your heart rate high and help build muscle endurance, giving this circuit all the ingredients required to burn fat and build muscle.

Time per session
35 minutes

Calorie burn
What you needA step deck.
Warm up with five to ten minutes of gentle jogging, with occasional sprints and bounds to help loosen muscles and joints. Then do the exercises below in order, taking no rest between the numbered stations. 
Once you've hammered through the circuit, take a two minute break then do it again.

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