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Monday, 20 June 2011

Boxing Workout - Tonight 20th June 2011

Attending:          Dixy bhoy, Moi
Venue:                The Garage,
Attitude:             Up for it like you cant believe . .
Choons:               Me on the 1210’s from last year with some old school chicanery on the set !! you can here it here if you wanna feel part of it #traintothebeat  haha Az !!
Warm up
3 x 3 minutes Skipping
3 x 3 minutes padwork (1 min – jab cross, 1 min – L hook – R Hook, 1 min, L Uppercut, R Uppercut)
3 x 3 minutes of padwork (Jab-Cross-L Hook – R Hook – L Uppercut – R Uppercut)

Boxing Circuits
3 minutes on heavy bag
1st minute            -              Jab-Jab cross
2nd Minute          -              Head Body, alternate
3rd Minute           -              All out HIIT

Alternating between
3 minutes on Speedball

Repeat above 3 times

Circuits 3 x 3 minutes
Press ups
Tricep dips
Bicep curls
Chest flyes
Star Jumps

Abs circuits 3x3 minutes
Ab roller
Decline Ab Crunch
Russian Twists
Hip Raises
Plank – 1 minute

Total Time – 54 minutes.

Warm down with stretches and be ready to do it all again tomorrow J

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