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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Last Night . .

Right, the title to this blog Sounds like somethin from p diddys album, I know, but last night really was quite special. Special cos the workouts were cranked up, intensive and were done till fatigue (basically until we were all f*ct !)

Big ups to dixy and big bro for keepin at it right to the end. We did some serious moves last night that will have MJ turnin in his grave and JT shuffling in his carrot top pants . .

The key word for tonight's session was plyometrics. Something I was introduced to by Joe Habib and then taken further by his bro, Nav. Could it be the habibs are all super fit and bounce about their homes going from press ups to squat thrusts then finishing off on a star jump as they go for the remote control ?? Nah don think so ..

Plyometrics should be googled to see what it really is. The key word for me when doin this type of exercise is "explosive" A good plyometric exercise differentiates from an average one, in terms of the explosiveness u hit it at.

So last nights session, which was slightly different to the one I posted on my blog yesterday was indeed a belter. I introduced a new exercise myself, something which I shall explain in a bit more detail. I have to say this exercise, I have never been taught it, nor have I seen it anywhere on the web nor have I ever seen it in the training or boxing gyms I have attended. Its all my own finding ! and it works. Basically it ripped my core to shreds

We started off with 3 x 3 minutes of skipping. As we only had two sets of ropes, Dixy, very kindly introduced us to "nightmares" Nope, he did not go on about his ex birds, this was an exercise that would literally be giving you nightmares ! A nightmare is a press up going into a burpee, into a knee jump then into a squat then into a star jump. Needless to say, me and Suhail let him get on with that as we skipped away  . . . hahaha

We then went into padwork, with the third person doing a 3 minute full on round on the speedball.

This is where we used my new found training technique. Dixy held the pads in jab cross position, just above the shoulders, shoulder width apart. Now, in Boxing, a lot of movements are focussed from the abs. When you swivel or dip, this movement is derived from the abs and to a lesser extent, your hips. So when we were punching the pads, i.e a left jab, you would dip your core, using your right ab, then left ab and as you release the pressure you exerted on your left ab, this explodes into a full on jab ! The power in this jab, compared to when you do it normally, is blatantly obvious. Its kinda hard to explain, so i will post a video at some point detailing how it works. But trust me, doing padwork this way was sore on the abs, my lower back and my arms. Sore in an awesome way !

We finished off on circuits and again utilised a lot of plyometrics. Knee Jumps, Press ups, Star jumps, tricep dips and Bicep curls before i finished up on a myotatic situp. Google it ;)

Same again tonight, cannae wait :)


  1. Here is the correct way to do a "nightmare" copyrighted by our Mr Davie McConnachie :)


  2. Truly awesome. Can I call you Rambo from now onwards!

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  4. Nads, you can call me Rocky the now, Rambo when i start gun training !

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