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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Saq May 2011 Vs Saq October 2010 - Coming to a Widescreen next to you soon

By the end of this week, i will post a picture of my black ass (well not literally . .)

I am doing this, not cos im model material, nor cos I like staring at cameras, nor cos i wanna get married through my blog, nor cos Osamas pictures been on the web all week, not cos i want everyone to blog back saying "wow big man, u lost weight but your still one ugly f*&ker, none of them !

I am gonna put it up because, im a pure unadulterated stallion and i want everyone to bow down to my greatness  . .

hahaha kiddin (Alright Giggsy, you can get up now, that was a joke . . . )

I am gonna put this up alongside a picture of me from 6 months ago, to show you what a difference it makes when you actively exercise, watch what food you eat, but mainly, what a difference your life becomes when you follow this route on a consistent basis.

I feel good, mood wise, weight wise and general morale wise (alhamdulillah) I aint no ripped adonis, by all means hell no, but inshAllah, by continuing on the route i have chosen, I will continue to feel good :)

I hope this will inspire anyone, who wanders whether it is really worth sacrificing, chillin on the couch, eating junk food, getting up at 9.30am and rushing to work, all that and then some

When Dixy gets back from his Holiday, I will ask him if i can do the same. Dixy has lost a remarkable 2 stone in three months of solid training and his story is one to tell (Story being, he cut down on his junk food and trained like a motha, end of !)

Right now he is sunning it up in Forte Ventura, jammy lil sod !!! Least if someone tries to get wide with him on the beach, he will be able to hit them with some of the combinations he has learned. Either that or smash them over the heed wi an empty beer bottle, works either way !!

In summary, small sacrifices require willpower. Those with the greatest will achieve their truest aspirations and dreams.

Choose life.

Choose me.

Choose SNP

Aye right . . .bolt !!!!


  1. Congrats my man! Speaking as someone who lost 30 lbs in the last year and is sick of old people telling me I look "kamzore" (translation, you don't look "healthy" or in their terms, 30lbs overweight), it makes a huge difference. BP down, cholesterol down, energy levels up, more functional ability in daily life, various injuries working themselves out. I want to be able to live and enjoy life as I get older and also look after myself without relying on others. The only way to do that is to take action now and make gradual lifestyle changes which are sustainable. There are no short cuts, no quick fixes, no miracle cures. Only a little discipline, will power and a plan of action. Don't expect overnight change, expect frustrating plateaus where nothing changes. Just don't give up and keep the effort going.

  2. Thanks Z, Its amazing you lost 30lbs bro and the feel good factor is a driving force in continuing it forward.

    Some of the tips you have gave me have been very useful too, especially the HIIT and the third world squats !

    keep sharing the info bro