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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekend Workout Madness

Starting on the Saturday of the holiday weekend, i was up at 7am, to play in a charity tournament to represent Islamic relief  We played, in a round robin tournament and unlike the other teams had only one sub. That meant playing 3 x 20 minute games with a five minute break in between. Plus it was indoors seven asides !! after a Dodgy refereeing decision (An i aint talkin no Mourinho version of one) we were put out after the second game.

Saturday afternoon was all about recovering and recouperating and on Sunday, I went on a long hillwalk up the Old kilpatrick hills. This walk lasted 8 hours and i was surprised it was a breeze seeing as i played football the day before. The legs felt solid afterwards however, as i did thsi with an added 10kg on my backpack.

Yesterday was a day off and today i felt fully bang on, ready to do some gym action or boxing action in the evening,

Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!

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