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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Training & Personal Weight Update

Right, I was up ta 5.30am this morning and wolfed down my breakfast and battered into the gym at 6.45am. Even the wee personal trainer there, all bleary eyed and walkin into the power plates machine, was astounded to see me bright eyed at that time of the morning !

I took the post i put up on Monday and put it into action and did 4x20 (40KG) Barbell bench presses, supersetted with 4x20 lat pulldowns.

Then I did 4x20 incline bench presses, supersetted with 4x20 bent over rows (on the machine) and by then i was wasted. I downed a half bottle of Viper from maximuscle and was on the cross trainer for 30 mins before you knew it !

To finish off, I did HIIT sprints for 10 minutes and bolted out of there while the wee personal trainer was bringing the milk in for the cafe.

I got home and weighed myself (and although I do this very rarely, I only did so cos the scale in the bathroom was givin me the eye) i weighed in at just under 13 stone. Remarkable when you consider I was 14 stone when I started this blog.

I aint looking for any big ups or anything here, alright i am. kit kat chunky will do fine haha

Hopefully gonna get a boxin session under the belt this evening too, if Giggsy ever decides to get of his arse an turn up . . .  ho hum !

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