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Monday, 4 April 2011

Wasted Weekend - 4th April 2011

As you may have noticed from the lack of updates at the weekend, this weekend I did no exercise. This was not down to any strategic rest days or any other reason, other than I was just in full on lazy mode. I did anticipate Saturday to be a rest day, having caned it all week, however I planned to workout on Sunday and this never happened. I did play seven asides yesterday and scored 3 goals, but i dont term that as a workout cos its like second nature (in a non boastful way . . .ok that is very boastful, but who cares !)

All is not lost however, just means that this week I need to work much harder :)

Supplementary update, I ordered some vitamin b Complex and a magnesium spray, as per advice from Davie @ DMC. The magnesium spray gives you a good kick in the morning prior to a workout, so when it arrives i will let you all know how good a kick. Also looking to get myself along to Davies Gym for a consultation and hopefully pass on his wisdom> Davie was recently featured in the Sunday mail on the way his programs have transformed peoples lives, so I must tell you how excited I am in meeting him, in a non bent way of course !

Finally, I got through 70% of setting up my speedball, lost a damn rock plug which i need to order, but that and once my speedball comes in, you will see some fast ass punches coupled with some conditioned shoulders inshAllah (God willing)

Hope you all had a good weekend, I know dixy did ! haha

Boxing workout tonight, bring it !


  1. Keep it going Saq. Sometimes you need an extended break to keep it fresh. Some people think playing 5s once a week is a workout, but if you already worked out all week, it's a good add-on.

    One motivation for me if I don't feel like going for a workout - I've almost never gone for a workout and thought "damn, I wish I didn't go for a workout today", many's the time I didn't go and regretted it though!

  2. Yeah Z, I get like that too but you end up feeling worse afterwards. usually when you cant be bothered, after 15 mins or so u get into it.

    My advice bro, Nike advert

    Just do it !