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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Boxing then football ooooft !!

As u can probably tell from the lack of personal postings this past week I have had little time to train this past week. Work has been hectic and mentally i have been preoccupied however I attempted to readdress the balance last night. Big time !!

Here's how it went: Mr morillo on the pod, giggsy with his usual 15 min late turnin up, drinking coffee, completely oblivious to the fact I needed done by 8pm so I can shower eat and then go play football at half nine !

Started with 3x3 mins of skipping, then straight into padwork. For 4 weeks we have been doing 3x1min each of fast jab crosses, fast uppercuts, fast hooks. Consecutively. This week we started of our first 3min round doin exactly that. For the next 2 rounds however we were able to actually monitor how we would fair in a fight. On a cardiovascular level. We pieced all these moves together in a constant movement, so it went like this: jab-cross-left hook-right hook- left uppercut-right uppercut back into jab and so on. This move was done ina constant flow for the duration of a full two rounds. At one point sweat was drippin from giggsy like someone had poured a bottle of water over his head. Clatty bam !

We ended the session with medicine ball punches. What this entailed was, I held the medicine ball on my stomach an giggsy jab crossed it I'm fast constant movements. Good cardio for him, great abs crunch tense movements from me.

Finally we finished up by standing across from each other and throwing medicine balls in boxing stance. When I caught it I would do a standing twist, keeping my body straight and twisting to the right, then left. Keeping my abs contracted and my core tight. Whilst i did this, giggsy did two pressups and we rotated as such.

Good workout, still felt alert enough and up for football so I bolted to kix and played for two hours. Sweatathon again !

Retired to my bed at 1.30am ready to do it all again today :)

Aye right !!
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