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Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday - Easter Weekend, Gonna rip up my Biceps

Started today with a big glass of OJ and tried to wind up mates (April Fools day an all that) only thing was i was made the fool of cos apparently i do this every year hahaha !

Got engaged in a facebook war of words this morning, kinda. I hate folk who diss others for attempting to do some sort of good but i guess everyones entitled to an opinion. check it out here anyway if you wana read something whilst downing that afternoon/ evening coffee

Got a half day from work today, plan to go to gym and do my biceps and triceps after juma.

4 x 20 reps of the following
Bicep cable arm crunch
Tricep pulldown
Seated incline bicep crunch
Tricep Kickbacks
Hammer Curls
Overhead seated Tricep press

Afterwards I am gonna hit Planet Bodybuild and buy a Speedball to link into my garage and then the full setup shall be complete. Still think the best boxing gym in Glasgow is Colins in Paisley, home of Saltire Boxing. Once i get my finances back on track, i will be going back there once a week. He currently trains two British title holders who rank in the top ten of Britain, Kriss Carslaw and Kevin McKintyre. His boxfit classes run on Mondays 7.30 -8.30, Wednesdays 7.30 - 8.30 and fridays 5-6pm. At £4 a pop, you get a sweatbusting workout from Scotlands leading Boxing trainer. I can personally guarantee you that you will not get value for money like that anywhere. Colin & Marc are both on hand to offer the best advice and push you to your limits until you walk out that door, when you feel like a pure stallion !!

Freddy Roach best watch his back

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