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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pro life

Had a great day today, food, mood, health and fitness wise the glass is deffo half full at the moment however had some news that affected the mood balance but will work to sort that out hopefully :)

Firstly u should all stick Anne penman into google. Fantastic lady, fantastic setup she has for stopping smoking, she has really opened my smoke filled eyes up and given me a whole new attitude to life. My uncle smoked 40 a day for as long as I been alive and he gave up thanks to Anne. Not counting my chickens yet but she has been an integral part to my outlook in recent times !

Ok so food and fitness wise, I had a healthy lunch, wholemeal tuna and sweetcorn baguette with vegetable soup (baxters) and for dinner I had potato and lamb curry (aloo saalin for my desi homies) with salad and then I came gym and caned 40 mins on the cross trainer burning 600 calories.

Sauna and steam room done, home for a protein shake and then bed by eleven hopefully. ZMA and cLa tablets and bobs ur uncle, jeans ur auntie and el hadj diouf is still a tit !!


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