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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tonight's workout

Gigsy turned up forty minutes late, the twat so we tuned into the workout at eight pm which is a bit late. He knows not to kick the arse out it cos I will jus go to the gym instead ya tool !

Tonight I had my dinner at 5.45pm. This consisted of a mortons roll (diet aside, these are awesome !) with grilled vegetables and chicken. We then did the following workout :

3x3 mins skipping
3x3 mins constant padwork
The last of the padwork sessions involved all the moves bring put together in one. So it was a jab-cross-left hook-right hook-left uppercut- right uppercut basically putting the moves we have solidified altogether in one move.

We then did a saggy circuit of jus one round, 45 seconds of :

Treadmill at 8.5speed incline 6
Leg and hip raises
Swiss ball crunches
Lower back raises on Swiss ball

I am now gonna take three zma and two cla and call it !!

Goodnight yawwwww

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  1. Apologies for the Diss gigsy, dont be late and i wont hate