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Monday, 21 March 2011

Six Pack Challenge

Ok i have decided to actually blog about my fitness in order to keep myself on track. There is a glut of information out there on the web, avaiable for anyone who is searching for a six pack. The aim of this blog is for me to put to use all the information i have gathered over my extensive years and put it into practice. This will in turn allow the viewer to use whatever they like for their own personal fitness gains, healthy living aspirations.

A bit about me, I am a Scottish Muslim, aged 34 years old living in Glasgow. I am 14 stones and my exercise regime consists of the following activities:

Weight Lifting

Nutrition is way more important than all this. I would deem the balance shift to be 80/20, with 80 percent of the focus being on nutrition.

I aim to blog on ,y eating patterns each day and the exercises i do.

I hope you gain from this journey as much as i do (an i aint talking pounds here !)

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