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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday 29th March - Gym in the AM

Was up at 9am, albeit slept in and hit the gym before work. Feeling slight bit of fatigue due to a heavy boxing session last night, howver i seen it through thanks to wholemeal breakfast and coffee !!

Have to mention, I drank some Herbal tea last night thanks to Dixy, prior to the boxing session and like red bull, it gave me wings ! Last nights session was awesome and i have to say Dixy is losing weight like noones business, well done to him !

Last night i took 3 ZMA capsules, as notified by Davie McConnacie of DMC Fitness. His blogs and facebook updates are awesome and i would like to credit him for the wonderful knowledge he passes on :)

The ZMA capsules are good for any lethargy you experience from an evening workout and they will be an integral part of my evening plans. i.e I pop three each night ! I also drank a big mug of warm water, mixed with one fully squeezed lemon. This is a good fat burner and should be taken in the evening as the next morning, it flushes all the crap out your system. 

This morning, I took one thermobol (Maximuscle) and I done 30 mins on the cross trainer, burning 300 calories, then work called :S

Breakdown on today thus far:

Wholemeal grain – 180 calories
Coffee – 10 calories

Soup – 128 calories
2 Wholemeal rolls – 320

Cup of pepermint tea

and its 2.40pm

Back to work :)

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