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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Monday 28th March 2011

Last night , I ate so much junk.

Junk, being Chocolate cake, Sponge cake and crisps after a rather healthy day of BBQ and playing seven aside football.

Today, I awoke with no other intention BUT to change my life. The way i live it. The time i wake up and go to sleep. The food I eat. The things i do. The exercise i make time for and commit to.

So when i awoke, I drank a big glass of warm water. Filtered with a Brita jug.

I then took a thermobol table from Maximuscle which is a fat burner and also appetite suppressant.

My breakfast consisted of 30grams of kellogs multi grains with 150ml of skimmed milk. This accounted for 176 calories.

For me to reach my ideal weight of 168lbs My daily calorie intake will be 1500 calories. I have to watch how this is broken down as I aim to eat more protein and continue to workout so my body will need its energy levels.

I will be at the gym some point today and aim to record the following for my back, shoulders & triceps, in 4 sets of 20 reps (4×20)

Using 2 x 10kg Dumbells for all exercises. (This is to tone up initially)
DB Bench Press
Tricep Pulldowns
Shoulder Press
Dumbbell fly
Overhead single DB tricep Press
Front Shoulder raise
Chest Flye raises
tricep Kickbacks
Upright Row

Then I aim to do 3 x 20 reps for abs with the following exercises:
Swiss Ball crunch
Side Hip ups
reverse Crunches

Looking forward to it !

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