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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Last night/ this morning - Mon the Pakistan !!!!

Last night before I went to bed, i took 3 ZMA Capsules, 2 CLA Capsules and one big frickin cup of green tea with lemon in it. I also threw some blackseeds in there as they are known to be one of natures most amazing and blessed properties.

After last nights workout, with Giggsy turning up on time for once ! I went for a 45 minute sauna at the Pro Life Paisley. Met Kris Carslaw the British Master Champions and also trained by Colin Belshaw from Saltire Boxing, and chatted with him for a good bit. He is deffo gonna be the next big thing coming out of Scotland, keep an eye out for this guy . . . .

This morning, I awoke to a big glass of Fresh orange juice, a thermobol and a fresh attitude to life again ! Pakistan against India in the world cup, does it get any bigger ???

Anyway, whilst watching the first few overs, I had a bowl of Wholegrain cereal and in work have already downed  a cup of green tea.

Also looking to order my speedball to complete my garage setup. Probably gonna go with something from this excellent site

Will be posting my boxing workout for this evening shortly. Back to work, while I watch a shitty stream of the cricket on a minimised window. Damn the internet speed in here sucks

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