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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Last Nights Boxing Workout - Completed

In Attendance: Me, Dixy, Erick Morillo on the decks via my iPhone

Equipment used: Skipping ropes, Everlast Pads, BBE Medicine ball, decline/ incline bench, treadmill, Gloves & Abs rollers

3 x 3 mins skipping warm up

3×1 mins of fast jab cross – Padwork
3×1 mins of fast uppercuts – Padwork
3×1 mins of fast R/L hooks – Padwork
(The above involves alternating with the pad holder)

3 times:
1 min – jab-jab-cross on heavy bag
1 min – medicine ball squats
1 min – EZ Bar bicep curls

Circuits – 45 seconds each
3 x Treadmill Sprints
3 x Decline abs crunch
3 x front shoulder raises
3 x ab roller

If there is any energy left

3 x 1 min of 50 ball medicine splashes whilst in crunch mode
Bring it :D

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