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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Places of Fitness

Some folk have asked me to put a post up regarding places to go to, to get into fitness (Az is his name, Project Management is his game), so I have compiled a list of the haunts which I frequent the most. Not in a freaky way

Pro Life Gym, Paisley
Have been a member of this for 6 years now and has the latest up to date equipment for cardio and weights. Recently added 5 new machines and the like for weights, also has a boxing corner with 2 punchbags, a floor to ceiling ball and many medicine balls. Power plates and two fitness rooms complete the gym side of things and if you wanna chill, which Frazzy boy and i did in abundance during his short stint there, you have a sauna, Steam & Japanese spa bath there too. An Ice bucket cools you right down at the end of this, closes your pores and u can chill out on the loungers before hitting the showers and getting on with your day. The staff are excellent, extremely helpful and the clientele are sound as a pound ! Membership rates start at £40 a month.

Saltire Boxing Gym, Paisley
The best boxing gym in the west of Scotland bar none. Run by Scotlands best Boxing coach, Colin Bellshaw. Bar none. Before you think Colin and I have moved in together, I am saying this from first hand experience. His boxers say it all. This gym trains two boxers who are in the top  ten british rankings, Kris Carslaw and Kevin McKintyre. Services are available to all levels and for general fitness I would advise you to get along to the Boxfit classes which run Mondays & Wednesdays 7.30pm – 8.30pm and Fridays 5pm -6pm. He has also started a new thai boxing session on Tuesdays from 8.30 – 9.30pm. I will be there next week. The gym has everything you need from a boxing gym, loads of bags, heavy bags, speed bags, the only thing missing is a body bag but Colin keeps that in his boot ! All the guys that go along are sound as a pound and you truly walk out felling a stone lighter !

For all your nutritional & supplemental requirements, you can get some good deals on bulk Protein & Creatine supplements. The guys are also on hand to offer you all the free advice you need regarding this ever important field within fitness

Pro Soccer, Glasgow
This is where we play five asides and the Friday night game has went  on to legendary status such has been the longevity associated with it ! It also boasts its own steam room, which I have  never used (full of too many sweaty old men ew) Best pitches in the whole of errrr Newton mearns/ Giffnock area !

Has a treadmill, Medicine ball, incline/ decline bench, weights, barbell, ez bar, tricep bar, Boxing gloves, ropes, Boxing pads, ankle weights, punchbag, speedball, swiss ball, Washing line, fridge, Freezer, endless amounts of car washing items, couple of lawnmowers and my nieces bike.

For your information, i take no commission on any of the above, just my garage. Everytime you use my medicine ball, I get to slap Giggsy wan across his heed !!

Queue up in an orderly manner now  . .  

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