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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Creatine, the cross trainer & Dixys damned liverscum top

Just beasted a belter of a session with Dixy in the garage, Skipping, padwork, medicine ball work, foot movement and a good abs session to boot. Have to say the padwork was good today, good fluid movements from Dixy and we felt comforable doing the moves. I tell you something, holding the pads aint easy if you lack hand-eye coordination skills. I usually just pick a rhythm, usually whats playing on my iPod and follow with that. When Dixy first started, he was following a rhythm from stevie wonders greatest hits, now hes ratlling it in sync with Erick Morillo at the ministry hehe

One thing about our bro Dixy, He always turns up at my house for these workouts in the full liverpool kit. Tracky top, Away kit and probably got gerrard tattood on his ass. If he wasnt one of my best mates, i'd terminate his damn free membership !

Looking to go for an early morning start in the gym tomorrow and cane it on the cross trainer. Cross trainer seems like a womens machine, it is. But if you wanna get shot of calories, its one way it will work. You just need put up with the boring aspect of it but by listening to something good on my phone, this usually gets done.

Bought some creatine last week. Gonna start taking that tonight. Creatine is actually proven to retain water within the body and is good when used in stamina activitys and endurance. A lot of weightlifters use it but I think its actually better served for that long haul cardio beasting session. Will report back on how it goes.

Lastly, usual supplements at night. Got Vitamin B complex, Magnesium spray and omega 3 oils coming tomorrow too. When I get married an my wife turns me over, all shes gonna hear is a pill bottle rattlin to one side haha

Read this blog earlier on as well. Its really relevant to the lifestyles we live today. I would read AND learn from it. 


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