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Friday, 15 July 2011

A Warning to all Sugar Junkies

i love sugar 300x240 A Warning to all Sugar Junkies
And that’s not good.
That means that 44% (or 135, 082, 882) of the American population is insulin resistant.
And why is this such a big deal?
atherosclerosis 300x200 A Warning to all Sugar JunkiesIt’s a big deal because, according to this new study, when you (or someone you love) is insulin resistant, your arteries are unable to receive the signal that prevents the buildup of fatty plaques that can cause them to harden. (seeatherosclerosis)
And considering that atherosclerosis is responsible for many of diabetes’ worst complications— heart disease, stroke, leg amputations and death….perhaps you should cut back on the cereal and toast and fruit juice and sandwiches and pasta and soda and chips and…

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